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Sanada San - the truly last Samurai, sword master and martial art "Hiro".

Detailed filmography

New, Refurbished YouTube Channel and Future Competition

I know I haven’t been posting much. The reason being is that I was busy with the new YouTube channel I have created. Please pay a visit to the channel (x)
I am also in the process of doing a contest AND some “Hiro downloadable goodie pack” to thank the amazing followers I have gained over the past months. THANK YOU GUYS! Make sure to keep an eye on the blog. I’ll post soon. I have amazing stuff being queued :)

Hiroyuki Sanada at ‘The Wolverine’ Press Conference at the Mandarin Oriental Hotel on July 11, 2013 in New York City

Kawaiiness overload. I really don’t know who’s cuter

Kawaiiness overload. I really don’t know who’s cuter

Hiroyuki Sanada and Colin Firth in “The Railway man”. List of release dates (x)

2011 IWC Schaffhausen’s photoshoot by Peter Lindbergh. Elle Macpherson, Eric Dane, Matthew Fox, Ronan Keating, and others joined Hiroyuki Sanada in the luxury watches brand’s photoshoot in Portofino, Italy.

"Hiro has been so incredibly helpful to all of us - in helping us embrace the world and understand the culture, because it’s so complex making this film" — Pamela Abdy, 47 Ronin producer

I guess Japanese calligraphy lessons comes free with Hiro’s martial art training

Ouch! You poor thing. He didn’t make it and he does look hurt

Hiroyuki Sanada in Steel Fury: The Fights of 47 Ronin special feature

I loved your mother very much. She felt the same

Together you and I will shape the future of the world